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Forging with stones III

You need tools to make tools. You need a hammer to forge. Or do you? In this video I try out the stone tools made in previous videos, to see how good they are when forging steel, as I forge a hammer.

I try to dive into the concept of hand-made. It is not just hands making things, it is a whole body, thinking through materials.

The process took me three days and it feels rather strange to cut off this much of the work… but then a lot of the work is just making the steel bar cross section right, or grinding the hammer face with a stone I found, we can do without that. What I really want to share with you is an experience of nature and materials, hard work on a strange premise; I have a fire, a forge blower, some metal and a piece of land, what can I do with that?

I have made hammers before, using power hammers and larger stock material. The thing with stones is their light weight. It’s really hard to hold a stone heavy enough to forge like that. It was hard enough to forge half the stock of a hammer, forge welding it in the end. And handles, I never thought about how to make it fit not using a knife… fire did the job though. It really did end up in a hammer, a bit more narrow then I´d prefer and a wobbly shaft but a hammer nevertheless.

It is a 360° video, don’t forget to spin the camera around to enjoy the nature. And really, this format peaks in a VR head set.

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