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Forging with stones IV

You need tools to make tools, you need a hammer to forge, a knife to haft the hammer, and something to use when making the knife. There is no beginning to this, all tools are potential tool-tools, completing each other. Your own hands can be considered tools. I wanted to make tools by hand, starting from the beginning, hand-made hand-tools. But I could not forge with my bare hands. I found stones, sticks and all kinds of tools in nature, even found an old harrow lending its steel for me.

This is my beginning, an old forge blower, metal, and whatever nature had to offer. In previous videos I set up the forge, search out stones and sticks, try my best to optimize it for tool manufacture. First I made a full set of stone tools, then I forged. I made each metal tool as if it was the first, building up a second generation of tools made with the first.

The knife took about a day to forge, grinding it was a bit more strenuous. It feels a bit wrong now, to display it here as a 3 minutes round up, but the grinding took as long as the forging. But I must say, I am pleased with the result, it took me some time, but it differ from knifes forged using modern tools and machines. This knife has a story, I like that kind of manufacture, storytelling instead of industry.

The whole thing is recorded with a 360 camera allowing you to swipe around enjoying the setting in the middle of a Swedish forest. You can even come along using a VR-headset.

This is my last video for some time, if you don’t want to miss the next generation of tools coming up some time in the future don’t forget to subscribe… and comment.

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